Sunday, March 18, 2012

Logging In

I always feel really bad when I haven't been on the blog in so long that google logs me out...  Then I have to log back in again to get an update on blogs that I read.  Sometimes it makes me feel so guilty that I just don't bother to log in again.  :(

Anyway, I'm exhausted.  And if I actually started to update you on all the things that have been going on, it would take pages.  And hours considering the fact that I basically cannot even type a word without having to backspace and correct a typing error at the moment.  Apparently my brain and fingers are not connected right now.  But, I can't get on here to talk about how bad I'm feeling about not blogging and then leave you with nothing.  So...

Here is the latest project.  This picture did not turn out so great because some of the fibers are so shiny.  But, I've already begun to weave on it and I'm really interested to see how its going to shape up.
ONLY 1 WEEK UNTIL SPRING BREAK!!!!!  Maybe I'll be able to blog a couple times then, but my parents are also going to be in town, so maybe not!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yesterday=Swimsuit, Today=Sweater

Well, today is quite different than yesterday.  60 degrees, drizzly, and windy is a stark contrast from yesterday's 90, sunny, and HOT!  But, its alright.  I've gotten some baking done and a little more spinning.  Last night, I just sat in front of the tv and watched "Contact" (Love that movie, btw).  I haven't sat and watched a movie by myself without working in FOREVER, but my wonderful hubby made me!  ;)

So, even though the loom isn't warped, here's a pic of the materials for the next project...  Yummy!
Weekend's almost over. :(  Only 5 more days until the next one.  :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

First Day at the Beach=First Sunburn of the Season

Well, I am having a wonderful weekend so far.  How bout you?  Today is a great day to live in Florida: It's 90 degrees and beautifully sunny with just enough wind to make sitting outside a good time.  So, Thomas and I spent our morning at the beach (we didn't really get in the water because it was freezing), and what would a trip to the beach be without a little sunburn?  Well, for me, it would be a miracle.  So here I am, March 3rd, and I have semi-painful sunburn from an hour and a half at the beach.  Yeah.  But, sunburn and all, it was a wonderful time, and I am so blessed to live in Florida with a husband who will do just about anything to make me happy!  Then, we went to our favorite hot dog stand for lunch.  Yummy!  (Oh yeah, and I forgot to take my camera to the beach, so I have no photos of our first real day at the beach this year... fail.)

AND... tomorrow, we are semi-officially joining the church we've been going to since we moved here, so I get to stand up in front of the whole church to be introduced with a bright red sunburn... awesome.

And... last night, I spent the evening spinning the scrumptious fiber that my hubby got me for Christmas.  So, my spindle went from looking like this...
 To this...
Yes, I realize that it does not look like much difference, but there is surprisingly a lot of yarn on there.  I just wish I could tell how much.  I keep spinning and spinning and spinning and I feel like there's never anymore yarn on the spindle.  However, that is good, because it means that apparently the spindle holds a ton of yarn.  So, there are pros and cons.

Also, I'm hoping to start a new weaving project tonight or tomorrow (for real this time), so hopefully you'll see a pic or two of that in the next five years!  ;)

Happy Cat Saturday!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Wait... Now its a New Weekend...

So, yeah...  It might have taken me another week, but I have another post!  Here's a couple of pics of the latest scarf, and by latest, I mean, finished like forever ago!

It's super long, so I wear it doubled.  And its houndstooth: large white squares with small taupe accents.  I like it.  It's cotton though, so I'm still wash-and-wearing it in so it gets softer.

Well, off to go make dinner... blueberry muffins, scrambled eggs, and sausage... We're so not fat at this house!  ;)