Sunday, September 30, 2012

World RECORD... Well, Maybe Not

So, GUESS what I did yesterday?!?!?!  I made FOUR brand new (to me) Pinterest recipes!!!  That's gotta be some type of record, right?!  But seriously, it was pretty awesome!  So I had to tell you all because I was so excited!

So here's the story.  We had a church picnic to go to tonight, and of course, it was pot luck.  And it just so happened that they split up what people were supposed to bring by last names.  So by the last name rule, I was supposed to bring a side dish (not a dessert).  If you know me at all, then you would very well know that if you ask me to bring a dessert, I will be on Pinterest and in the kitchen for hours just narrowing down the list of recipes to make.  However, when you put me on side dish duty... I get on Pinterest for about 4 hours and still can't find anything I want to make and bring.  Boo.  So, in looking at pin after pin of delicious food on Pinterest Friday night and Saturday morning, I just could not help myself.  So...

For lunch, we had Crispy Southwest Chicken Wraps!  Yum yum!  So, click on the picture for the original recipe.  Of course, we changed some things around because we're kind of picky eaters.  So we took out the peppers, changed up some of the spices and added salsa.  They were pretty darn delicious!  (Note: the picture is from Pinterest.)

 Next up, those wonderful sounding Bread Machine English Muffins I mentioned yesterday.  #1: One of the easiest pieces of baking I have ever done.  Seriously, throw it all in the bread maker, let it sit, smoosh it out, fry it up.  Done.  I am sold.  #2: They are bigger than regular English muffins (the batch made 10 large ones) and just as delicious!  LOVE them!  #3: And since they're so easy, I can make them whenever I want.  They don't even use a ton of ingredients.  Seriously, SOOOOOO easy!!!!  Once again, click on the pic for the recipe; pic is from Pinterest.
Then, on to the baked ziti that is sitting in the freezer right now.  With such crazy weeks, I've been in the habit of making one big meal on Saturday that we can fix during the week and have a lot of left overs for lunches.  So, this week, the baked ziti got picked.  I can't yet tell you how it turned out because we haven't eaten it.  But, I'll let you know.  Same deal as before, click pic for recipe, pic is from Pinterest.
Lastly, for dessert, I served up some Apple Fritters!  They were pretty good, however, this is actually the first time that I have deep fried something, so they weren't perfect.  The only thing that ruined them for me was how the house reeked of oil after I was finished making them.  I don't know if that was a chef error or just something that happened.  But they were really good.  Thomas came up wth the great idea too, to just bake them as muffins.  That would be easy, and I am like obsessed with muffins, so AWESOME!!!!  Can you guess what I'm going to say next?!  Click the pic for the yummy recipe, this photo is also from Pinterest.
So, I had a fabulous Pinterest Party for one yesterday!  And, I get to enjoy the spoils all week!  Ha ha ha!!!  (Triumphant laugh)  Now time for some Doctor Who!!!!!!!  Allons-y!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

What is this place???

Well, hello! I believe this all may look familiar from a different life.  I feel like its been a lifetime since I last blogged.  (And it probably has.  I honestly don't even remember when I blogged last or what the post would have been about.)  But, here I am with a pretty brief update on my busy boring life.

July - FLEW by between vacation in Atlanta with my family and two weeks of band camp.

August - School started, so yeah, I don't even remember if I had ANY free time in August.

September - And now, September is at a close and I can't even believe I've survived the last two months!  I was doing the budget today, and I just couldn't believe some of the things I was entering into the checkbook happened only 20 days ago!  September has felt like a lifetime.  And October will be just as busy!  (If not more)

Being a teacher is more work than I EVER could have imagined.  The amount of things we are expected to do is absolutely insane!  I am constantly playing a never ending game of catch-up.  And unfortunately, if there's one thing I absolutely hate, its an unfinished to-do list.  And since mine grows every day, it is NEVER done!  Mer.

Anyway, through all of the craziness, I have managed to squeeze in the tiniest bit of weaving.  One project that took me hours and hours and hours over weeks and weeks is still not finished, so I'm going to skip over that one.  But, I do have some (horrible) pics of two scarves I just sent off this morning to their new owners!  (Yay!  A completed project!)
 This one is for my aunt, and its very similar to one of my last projects, but it has the knot tied into it.  Its made out of a green silk/bamboo yarn and a varigated nylon.  Love it!  It's so soft and shiny.

And this one is for her friend.  Its all silk/bamboo yarn.  Brown with coral stripes and a couple of twists put in it.  These are actually the two first pieces that I have made to order, so I was (am) a little nervous about them, but I think they turned out pretty well.

Well, the one thing I have NOT stopped doing in all of the craziness is BAKING!!!  I just cannot get enough baking!  In fact, right now, the kitchen is calling my name.  I found a recipe on Pinterest this morning for homemade bread machine English muffins.  Now, tell me what part of that title does not sound amazing?!  Because seriously, how do you get better than homemade (aka: more delicious and cheaper than store bought), bread machine (minimal effort for me) and English muffins (breakfast made for a week)!!!!!!!!  Hopefully, I won't fall off the face of the Earth again, and I'll be able to blog and let you know how they turn out!

Happy weekend!