Tuesday, November 29, 2011


That's the word of the day... kerfuffle.  It means "a disturbance", or so Merriam-Webster claims.

I haven't had any major kerfuffles in my day, just one of those days where everything is not so great.  However, I really don't want to write a mopey post, so on to more interesting information!

CHRISTMAS BREAK IS IN 15 SCHOOL DAYS!!!!!!!  I can hardly wait.  And then... We'll be back in St. Louis to visit our families for Christmas the day after that!  Yay!!!  I'm so excited!  I am almost done with everything that I have to do to finish up the school year!  Hallelujah!

Movie Alert:::  Thomas and I watched "Crazy, Stupid, Love" this weekend.  It was one of those that I really did want to see when it was in theaters, but Thomas didn't want to see it that bad, and it just sort of fell through the cracks.  Well, anyway, it. was. HILARIOUS.  Parts of it were a little slow, I'll admit, but there were also parts when I was laughing out loud, with tears welling up in my eyes because it was so funny!  And yes, it is partially about a guy who picks up women for a living, but it was (very) surprisingly clean!  (Still definitely PG-13 though)  I LOVED it.  I would recommend it to just about anyone.  I'm almost debating running out to the car and grabbing it so I can watch it again.  HILARIOUS!  Watch it!

Back to work...  Kerfuffle.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Buried Alive! AAAHHHHH!!!

Well, right now, I could give you such an earful (*eyeful, really) of how I'm feeling.  But, to avoid causing you to never read this blog again, I will sum it up in a few words...  Downtrodden.  Frustrated.  Helpless.  Insecure.  And tired... so very tired.

Anyway, Thanksgiving is quickly approaching (thank goodness!)  And we have what seems like a wonderful weekend planned!  You may not know, but Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  In high school, I just couldn't get over the fact that Thanksgiving was about nothing other than spending quality time with family.  I loved it!  A whole weekend of sitting around the kitchen table eating and playing board games.  Well, this year will be the first year that I will not spend Thanksgiving lunch with my family.  I am incredibly sad about this, because its the first real holiday that I have ever spent without my parents.  However, God has blessed us with some friends to spend the day with since our families are days away. 

So, here's to putting the very first turkey in the oven, to fixing my own stuffing and deviled eggs, to sharing good times with friends.  (We're also planning on going to the beach Thanksgiving Day, so I'm pretty sure that can make anything better!)

There are so many things to be thankful for, even in the hard times.  So, as we approach Thanksgiving, don't forget to give thanks.

Awww.... wasn't that a sappy post!  I think it needs a movie quote...  "If there was one human who could lead them against Hyperion, it would be Theseus."  "I have faith in you.  Prove me right!"  ~Both said by Zeus from "Immortals"  (It was awesome!!!)